Shipping to Europe

If you’re here to find out whether you can buy fishing equipment from and whether we can ship your purchases to your home.

The simple answer is: yes, we can.
The long answer is: yes, we can ship all items within the European Union

From our website we can only sell to private customers, but if you’re a business, you can contact us before ordering.


For orders from countries in the European Union, we can only accept digital payments. You can pay by PayPal or credit card.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs depend on which country you’re in. Costs are fixed and extremely reasonable.

CountryShipping cost
Austria€ 14,00
Belgium€ 14,00
Bulgaria€ 23,00
Croatia€ 23,00
Cyprusupon request
Czech Republic€ 18,00
Denmark€ 14,00
Estonia€ 22,00
Finland€ 23,00
France€ 14,00
Germany€ 14,00
Greece€ 28,00
Hungary€ 22,00
Ireland€ 23,00
Latvia€ 22,00
Lithuania€ 22,00
Luxembourg€ 14,00
Maltaupon request
Netherlands€ 14,00
Poland€ 22,00
Portugal€ 28,00
Romania € 22,00
Slovakia€ 18,00
Slovenia€ 22,00
Spain€ 14,00
Sweden€ 18,00